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Welcome Aboard the Dragonfly!

Watch another happy customer land a bluefin tuna aboard the Dragonfly!

Cape Cod Sportfishing

tuna 1Light tackle sportfishing on Cape Cod is incredible! The cold, nutrient rich waters of the North Atlantic spark huge blooms of plankton as they contact the warm summer sun. These plankton in turn feed a vast assortment of small invertebrates and bait fish. The larger fish show up in huge numbers to dine on this vast buffet of bait, topping off the food chain in one of the richest, most pristine marine ecosystems on the planet. Welcome aboard for the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Our Cape Cod Charter Fishing Boat

!!!!IMG_3847aThe 26 foot Dragonfly is the ultimate Cape Cod fishing machine. She was custom-built and equipped with state-of-the-art navigational equipment and U.S Coast Guard certified charter boat safety features.  Lightning fast and nimble, the Dragonfly will get you to the fish in a hurry!  The cutting edge rods, reels and tackle we use on the Dragonfly are built by the fishing industry’s top manufacturers and specifically designed to optimize your chances of a trophy Striped Bass or Bluefin Tuna.

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Capt. Mike “Boz” Bosley



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