Mike004_smlI have been fishing Cape Cod waters for over four decades.  My years of local experience and a deep respect for the marine environment combine to provide you with a successful, fun and safe day on the water.  First-time customers and old friends alike, I look forward to your joining me for a Striped Bass Fishing or Tuna Fishing adventure this season.  Whether you are looking for a hard-core Deep Sea Fishing Trip or a relaxing Family Fun Trip on the boat we can make it happen on the Dragonfly’s Cape Cod Fishing Charters!

The ocean has always been my playground.   I have been chasing fish for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is sitting on my grandfather’s lap steering his 36 foot sportfishing boat “Corsair” while trolling off the New Jersey shore.  Before my seventh birthday I was allowed to take the family 13 foot Boston Whaler out by myself to catch Snapper Bluefish in Pleasant Bay in Orleans.  I soon expanded my horizons to the Atlantic waters off Monomoy Island and beyond.


In the many years since, I have longlined tuna and swordfish in the north Atlantic, chased Rooster Fish, Mahi-Mahi and Billfish along the Pacific coast of Central America, sustenance gill-netted with native Hawaiians, helped develop the fishing program at Tavarua island in Fiji, spearfished the reefs of Indonesia, dove the Great Barrier Reef of Australia and chased the perfect wave in the most remote corners of the globe.


Yet every spring I return to Cape Cod, drawn by the incredible fishing opportunities of my home waters.  Many seasons of commercial fishing for Striped Bass and Bluefin Tuna and a passionate pursuit of recreational light tackle angling have given me a great advantage in locating and catching trophy size fish for my customers.  A Coast Guard licensed captain for over 20 years, my lifetime of fishing experience and deep respect for the marine environment combine to provide you with a safe, successful and fun day on the water.  I have many accomplished angler clients, but I also love teaching beginners of all ages the joys of boating and fishing.  Whether you are looking for a hard core fishing trip or a relaxing day on the water, I can accommodate your wishes on the Dragonfly.  I look forward to having you aboard.

Let’s go play!