Passengers fishing on the Dragonfly do NOT need a Massachusetts saltwater fishing license. The boat has a license that covers everyone on board. 2016 Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries laws limit the possession of Striped Bass to one per person size 28 inches or larger (new law in 2015). Bluefish are 10 per person with no size limit.  2016 Black Seabass regulations permit the retention of five fish per person per day with a minimum size of 15 inches.

National Marine Fisheries Service 2016 retention limits for recreational Bluefin Tuna are presently set at one fish per boat per day between 27″ and 72″ fork length. (Fish larger than 73″ fork length remain the property of the boat and Captain.) In-season changes to Charter/Head Boat catch limits for Bluefin Tuna are available on the National Marine Fisheries Service website.