Hi Captain Mike,
I’ve been meaning to write this 5 star review for some time. My family and I had a striper charter with you this past summer as a birthday present. What we experienced was an awesome family adventure. As we got to the entrance to Chatham Harbor we slowed down to watch a bunch of lazy seals doing whatever it is that lazy seals do. Then we went out to go catch some baitfish. Who knew it would be so much fun to chase schools of mackeral breaking the surface, throwing in our lines hooking two or three at a time. To add to the excitement we got to see a huge finback whale just 50 feet in front of the boat. Out on the Monomoy Rips it was thrilling to see striper running underneath the boat, cast our lines in and feel the strike. Drift after drift we were catching fish but unfortunately none were keepers. As our charter time was coming up you said we can’t end the trip yet, we’re going to do one last run because you gotta get a keeper on your birthday. This is going to be our Hail Mary drift. Soon after we started, my daughter got a huge strike. As her fishing rod bent in half we all said this is it, this is the keeper! Bringing it onboard, it was such a beautiful fish! Lastly as we made our way through Little Pleasant Bay the kids each got to take turns steering the boat which was so much fun for them. Thanks Captain Mike for going above and beyond to fulfill a birthday wish. It was an exhilarating day for our family! We hope to go on another charter with you soon!